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[fic, BTR] Jagan party drabbles

These are two unrelated short Jagan drabbles that both happen to be about parties.

Title: Untitled
Disclaimer: Not my boys, although I kind of love them like they were.
Pairings/Characters: pre-James/Logan, pre-Kendall/Camille
Rating: G
Word Count: ~350
Warnings (overall): none

Summary: Logan has an epiphany and tells Kendall about it. Kendall is less than helpful.

Author's Notes: Just something I wrote one day.


It was interesting, Logan thought, to suddenly realize you were in love with your best friend.

Well, okay, 'interesting' was an understatement. Earth-shattering was a more apt term.

He felt like he should question this revelation, should dismiss it as something silly and fleeting, should blame it on the punch that a few minutes ago he had been sure was non-alcoholic.

Instead he told Kendall. Partly because Kendall was standing right next to Logan when this all happened, but mostly because Kendall would probably tell him the punch was spiked or he hadn't been getting enough sleep lately or give some other logical reason why what he was feeling wasn't real and was therefore no longer earth-shattering.

"I think I'm in love with James," Logan said, aware his face was contorted oddly but really not able to help it.

"That's nice," Kendall said. Logan looked over at him to see him staring out into the crowd at the party.

"…Are you even listening to me, Kendall?"

"Sure buddy."

Logan couldn't believe this. Here he was making this life-changing confession and Kendall's attention was completely focused elsewhere.


"What Logan? I get it. You're in love with James. Two questions. One, why are you telling me? Two, does this mean I can ask Camille out now?"

Logan's mouth opened and closed a few times, staring at Kendall in disbelief. Then he followed Kendall's line of sight to see he was watching Camille dancing with some friends. It figured, really. Logan's world had just turned upside-down and Kendall was using the moment to his own advantage.

"Yeah, sure, whatever," Logan replied, waving a hand in irritation.

"Awesome." Kendall took two steps before turning around and coming back. He set a hand on Logan's shoulder and looked him in the eye, told him "Good luck with James. I'll be rootin' for ya," and then left.

"Great pep talk, Kendall," Logan muttered, going back to his stupid un-spiked punch that he couldn't even blame for his stupid undeniable feelings.


Title: Countdown
Disclaimer: Not my boys, although I kind of love them like they were.
Pairings/Characters: James/Logan
Rating: G
Word Count: ~550
Warnings (overall): none

Summary: It's New Year's Eve, and Logan doesn't really want to kiss any girls.

Author's Notes: Written for Panda ♥ She wanted "Jagan New Year’s Eve with it nearing midnight."


This fancy industry party was not how Logan was expecting to spend New Year's Eve, but when Kelly had called them during their holiday break in Minnesota and told them about it their arguments had been futile. It wasn't as bad as it could be, really; the food was good, and there were some higher-level celebrities than Big Time Rush there so that was cool. Plus no one was watching the alcohol that closely, although that seemed to be a bigger bonus to his friends than Logan himself. He just hoped they wouldn't do anything stupider than usual.

By the time it was nearing midnight, all three of Logan's friends had basically disappeared. Logan figured they were all trying to find a girl to kiss, which shouldn't be too difficult in this crowd. Unless they wasted all their time trying to find the 'right' girl. Which Logan was not doing, since...he wasn't entirely sure anymore he wanted to kiss any girls, right or not.

So instead he was standing off to a corner, holding a glass of something non-alcoholic but still not very tasty, when 11:58 rolled around and the crowd was getting increasingly excited. And then, out of nowhere, was James.

"Logan!" James said, wide-eyed. "I found you! Come on, we're running out of time!" He grabbed Logan's arm and started tugging him away.

"James, wait, what—where are we going?" Logan asked as he tried to keep up.

"I found someone for you to kiss!" James told him without looking back.

Logan tried to put on the brakes then, but James just pulled harder. "I don't need you to find me anyone to kiss!"

"Well you didn't find anyone on your own, so obviously you do."

"No, I don't need someone to kiss, period!"

James paused for a split-second to look back at Logan in disbelief before he started walking again. "Logan, if you don't kiss someone at midnight it'll screw your whole year up. We can't have you ruining our year because you were being weird and anti-social on New Year's Eve."

Logan huffed. "I am not being weird and—where are we going?" James was taking them out of the party room.

"Just shut up and hurry," he replied. Logan rolled his eyes, but followed.

They reached the end of the hallway outside the room with what had to be less than 30 seconds to spare. James stopped then, and Logan looked around in confusion. "James, I don't—there's no one here."

"Yes there is," he said, turning to face Logan.

Logan looked from side to side again, but no...there was no one. From the open doorway he could hear the countdown begin. "James, there's not—"

"Yes, there is, Logan."

Logan looked up at James, eyebrows furrowed, but was met with an expression so serious his confusion gave way to surprise and then something else. Something that made his heart beat faster, made his skin tingle.

"Wait, you..." he half-whispered.

"Right," James said with a nod. "Me."

James still had a hand on Logan's arm. He stepped in closer, crowding Logan's space, but Logan didn't move away.

Then the clock struck midnight.

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Tags: big time rush, fic, james/logan
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